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Soft washing is the best option for exterior cleaning. It is the best service available when it comes to roof stains, siding, wood decks and fences, paver stones, flat concrete and beyond. Soft washing utilizes zero destructive pressure and involves the application of gentle chemicals that thoroughly cleans and sanitizes surfaces. At Servbro’s, we are on the cutting edge of exterior cleaning technology. Our soft washing process utilizes biodegradable chemicals, 1/3 the water of power washing, lasts four to six times longer, and is 12 volt powered/fossil fuel free.


Power Washing, a process that has been used for over 100 years, is traditionally used more for restoration and deep cleanings on hard surfaces. Sometimes there are certain projects that require utilizing water under high pressure to achieve the best results. Projects like paint preparation, oil stain removal from concrete, gum removal from parking lots or driveways as well as certain industrial cleanings need the deep cleaning strength that power washing delivers.


Soft wash roof cleaning

Starting at $390
Soft wash – house wash service
Starting at $390
Pressure wash flat surfaces
Drive way – pedestrian walkways – patios Starting at $250
Rust and irrigation staining restoration
Starting at $70
Gutter cleaning
Starting at $90
Paver sealing
Starting at $450
Paver sealing + sanding
Starting at $650
Roof sealing
Starting at $790
Roof painting
Starting at $1.200
Interior or exterior painting
Starting at $1.600